Monday, December 27, 2010


So I'm doing a challenge involving my heels. I don't know about you girls, but I'm one of those girls that love love love sandals and can wear them year round, yes, even in winter (I still wear sandals today if I'm not working or working out). The cons to wearing cute little sandals that make your look complete is that cold or hot weather will dried out your feet and cause cracked heels.

I'm sick of having rough feet and today at the mall I came across a foot cream that promises to soften feet with every use ... well see about that. This product is True Blue Spa Heel of Approval, you can purchase this balm at Bath and Body Works for $15 for a 4oz or $20 for a 10oz.

I just put some on my feet, I leave the foot cream on the whole night with warm socks on. The texture of the cream is way heavier than any other foot creams that I've used, I don't mind it I actually like it. It also absorbs a little faster then other butters or foot creams I've tries. The biggest plus to me about this foot cream is that it does not smell funny, if I have to leave something on the whole night I do not want to be smelling it in the mornings, I also do not like the smell lingering in my room, this has a very settle, almost odorless scent. So far I have no complains about this product.

I'll be reporting back on how well this product worked for my cracked heels in a few days.

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