Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Justin Bieber Nail Collection of Giving

So I guess OPI allowed Justin Bieber to put his name on a few new colors that they are putting out for their spring collection. I thought it was a little bazarr at first because hes a guy and he doesn't really wear nail polish but then I look into it and I found out that the funds are going to go toward a non profit organization to build schools and promote education in developing worlds!! How cool is that! Not only will you be buying pretty nail polish to put on your little cute finger (or toe) nails but you'll feel good about how the money is spend every time you wear the nail polish.

Here are the colors of the nail polishes that are promoted by Justin Bieber: 

I like the colors One Less Lonely Glitter and also the Not A Gold Bigger. I really enjoy the fun names that OPI nail polishes have.

I do not purchase nail polish online because the color might be a little off from real life color but if I do go to the store anytime soon I'll be sure to check if they have this collection, because I do like the thought of helping out other countries through purchasing products cause then you get a little something and someone else does too. 

So I have been using the Heel of Approval on and off for the past few weeks and I have to say it worth it.
I applied a little on the soles of my feet in the mornings before I went out, since it arbores really fast you don't have that greasy feel on your feet all day, I really liked that about this product. There have been other foot creams that I have purchased that leave your feet all greasy and thats not a good feeling to have all day. At nights I put on a little bit more than I do in the mornings and then I put on socks and go to bed. When I woke up the next morning my feet really nice and soft.

The first time I started using this product it took a couple of days to notice any change but after a couple of times of using it the results were more prominent each morning. The one thing I noticed was that I had to use the cream every night, at least, to keep my heels nice and soft. There was a point were I did not use it for a week or so and my heels went back to there old selves, so that was a little disappointing, but it could be because its cold and the soles of the feet don't really retain moisture that well.

I will buy this product again because when the warm weather comes I want my heels to be beach and sandal ready.